This afternoon in Copenhagen, Finnair flight 666 departed for HEL during the 13th hour on Friday the 13th. It landed safely in Helsinki 1 hour, 15 minutes later at 13:31 UTC. The aircraft that operated the flight, an Airbus A320 registered OH-LXM, is 13 years old.

Flight AY666 to HEL on Friday the 13th in a 13 year old aircraft


The flight departed from next to Gate 13 in Copenhagen and unfortunately did not arrive at Gate 13 in Helsinki.


There has been an incredible amount of discussion on twitter and Facebook about this flight and whether people would fly on such a flight. If you’re in the yes column, time is running short. Airlineroute reports Finnair will be reconfiguring their flight numbers and retiring AY666 later this year.


We’re disappointed by that and hope Finnair will reconsider, or perhaps a special Friday the 13th flight is in order? According to Airlineroute, the airline won’t be using the flight number on any flights, so there’s still a chance we can #SaveAY666.

But just in case Finnair doesn’t reconsider, we’ll be on the final Friday the 13th flight of AY666 in October. In seat 13F.



Featured Image by OSDU

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