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Europe route updates – November 2023

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We continue with the monthly market update, in this case with Europe. To review the Americas, separated into Latin America and the United States/Canada, you can visit the following links:


In this edition, we can mention two important highlights of this market. Brussels and ITA added new aircraft to their fleets during November, both of them Airbus. Brussels Airlines acquired its first Airbus A320neo, while ITA Airways took its first Airbus A321neo. Each one is new, just out of the factory. These jets will enter service shortly.

Aegean Airlines

The Athens-based carrier began operations to Dubai on November 11th. Aegean will serve six times a week on 186-seat Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Daily except Thursday


Flights between United Arab Emirates and Athens






Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday


Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

Monday and Friday



The new Italian airline, founded in 2022, will resume flights between Ancona and Barcelona as of December 1st. AeroItalia had inaugurated services on this route last October 2nd, being suspended 25 days later. According to its website, the company plans to operate twice weekly with AirConnect ATR 72-600s.

Monday and Friday


Bacau and Bucharest are AeroItalia’s current international destinations. Alghero, Ancona, Bologna, Catania, Comiso, Milan, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Pisa and Rome are within the country.


Air France

On October 21st, Air France began seasonal flights between Paris and Tromsø, Norway. The carrier will offer one weekly service until December 4th, when it will increase to two for the high season. Air France currently operates on Saturdays, and will add a flight on Tuesdays in December:



New flight on Tuesdays


Air Greenland

Effective June 25th, 2024, Air Greenland will start seasonal services between Kangerlussuaq, Copenhagen and Aalborg. The carrier will have weekly flight with Boeing 737 jets owned by Jet Time. Operations are available for sale on the airline’s website.





Air Greenland currently operates four times a week between Kangerlussuaq and Copenhagen on Airbus A330-800neo planes:

Kangerlussuaq – Copenhagen

Monday and Friday

Tuesday and Thursday


Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq

Monday and Friday

Tuesday and Thursday


Air Malta

Last October 29th, Air Malta inaugurated its flights between Malta Luqa and Milan Malpensa. The carrier will offer three weekly services with Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A320neo aircraft, as follows:

Monday, Friday and Sunday


In addition to Malpensa, Air Malta operates seven weekly to Milan Linate from Malta:


Air Serbia

The airline confirmed the addition of a third Embraer 195 to its fleet during November, and the arrival of the fourth in January of next year. Air Serbia currently has 2 Embraer 195s, 1 Embraer 190 and another Embraer 175, in terms of aircraft from the Brazilian manufacturer. Additionally to the Embraer, Air Serbia has the following jets in its fleet:

ATR 72-600: 7
  • YU-ALW
  • YU-ALX
  • YU-ALY
  • YU-ALZ
  • YU-ASA
  • YU-ASB
  • YU-ASB


Airbus A319-100: 10
  • YU-APA
  • YU-APB
  • YU-APC
  • YU-APD
  • YU-APE
  • YU-APF
  • YU-APK
  • YU-APL
  • YU-APM
  • YU-APN


Airbus A320-200: 6
  • LY-MAL (leased from GetJet Airlines)
  • LY-WIL (leased from GetJet Airlines)
  • YU-APH
  • YU-APO
  • YU-APS


Airbus A330-200: 2
  • YU-ARB
  • YU-ARC


Armenia Airways

The carrier will launch operations between Yerevan and Stavropol from December 2nd. Armenia Airways will add a second destination to Russia after Moscow, where it serves from the Armenian capital.

Tuesday and Saturday


Moscow, Sochi and Tehran are the airline’s current destinations from Yerevan, with the following schedule:

Map by gcmap.com

Brussels Airlines

The Brussels-based carrier took delivery of its first Airbus A320neo on Wednesday, November 1st. Brussels Airlines plans to add four more, to replace the current Airbus A319s. This Airbus A320neo, registered OO-SBA, arrived from the Airbus Factory in Toulouse (TLS).

Brussels fleet
  • Airbus A319-100: 16
  • Airbus A320-200: 18
  • Airbus A320neo: 1
  • Airbus A330-300: 9


The image was taken on November 1st in Brussels


The airline will add 28 new routes to its regular flight schedule, which will commence between March and June 2024:


Yerevan, Armenia, will be a new destination for the German operator starting in May 2024. Eurowings will fly once a week from Berlin on 144-seat Airbus A319 aircraft.



Dortmund and Frankfurt currently have flights to Yerevan, considering the Armenia – Germany market.. Wizz Air and Lufthansa operate with the following schedule:

Wizz Air

Monday and Friday


Daily except Tuesday and Friday


Daily except Wednesday and Saturday


Yerevan Zvartnots Airport


The Spanish airline will have seasonal flights between Seville and Funchal starting July 9th, 2024. In line with its website, Iberia will operate with Air Nostrum’s CRJ-1000 jets.



At present, the company operates four times a week to Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport from Madrid, with the same aircraft.



The carrier confirmed the addition of two destinations to the Americas as of May 2024. Icelandair will have new connections to Canada and the United States, both from Reykjavik.

Halifax · May 31st

Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Pittsburgh · May 16th

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday


Icelandair in Canada and United States (all from Reykjavik)
Map by gcmap.com


The airline received its first Airbus A321neo on Friday, November 10th. The aircraft, registered EI-HXA, arrived at Fiumicino airport from Airbus’ Hamburg plant. Following its arrival, the Airbus A321 was presented to the press with ITA Airways executives. The first regular flight of the A321 is planned, at the time of publication, for December 4th. ITA will operate once daily between Rome and London Heathrow with these planes (AZ 204/207).

ITA’s first A321neo in Hamburg


The low cost carrier will inaugurate flights between New York and Palermo, Italy, starting June 8th, 2024 (June 9th in the reverse case). Neos will operate twice a week with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft during the peak season, with its last flight scheduled for late September.

Monday and Saturday


Tuesday and Sunday



Ryanair, another low-cost airline, launched various routes between October 29th and November 1st. These operations will be carried out with Boeing 737-800s and Boeing 737 MAX 8-200s, as can be seen through its website:



Scandinavian Airlines System plans to begin flights between Stockholm and Kalamata, Greece, from February 24th, 2024. The airline schedules to operate this route until mid-May next year, once a week on Airbus A320 aircraft.



Aegean currently offers flights between the two cities:



TAP Air Portugal

Effective June 13th, 2024, TAP will fly between Caracas and Funchal, a route it had been operating on a regular basis until late 2015. The carrier plans a weekly service with Airbus A330-900s.



The Funchal – Caracas leg, for passengers, will require a stopover in Lisbon.



Starting December 21st, 2024, TUI Airways will inaugurate its seasonal flights between London Stansted and Verona. Operations will be carried out once a week with the following schedule:



Cover photo: Nelson Sousa – JetPhotos (Funchal).

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