El Al said goodbye to its 747 fleet today with a sky art tribute to the Queen of the Skies. El Al’s final 747 flight drew a 747 in sky above the Mediterranean Sea on its way from Rome to Tel Aviv. El Al first put the 747 into service in 1971.

See playback of the entire flight

A 747 draws a 747

Final El Al 747 flight - The flight path of El Al’s 747 sky art 747

After 48 years of service with the airline, El Al wanted to say goodbye to the 747 with a special tribute. The flight departed Rome and flew towards Tel Aviv before descending southwest of Cyprus to 10,000 feet and beginning its drawing. 747 4X-ELC completed the drawing in 1 hour 45 minutes, covering 29,950 square kilometers.

El Al’s 747

El Al’s final 747 flight was flown by 4X-ELC, a 747-400 delivered in May 1995. After nearly 25 years of service it became the last El Al 747 to carry passengers.

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