The 737 MAX and A320neo family recently received ICAO aircraft type codes, making them easy to track on Flightradar24. Previously, the only way to track these aircraft was via the registration of each aircraft. That made seeing the entire fleet difficult and time consuming. With the new type codes, it is now possible to easily track every aircraft of the type at the same time.

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The A320neo Family

The A320neo or ‘new engine option’ family of aircraft consists of the A319neo, A320neo, and A321neo. The neo family is a re-engined version of the existing A320 family of aircraft. The A320neo has been in service since 2016 and the first A321neo was recently delivered. The A319neo had its first flight in March 2017 and is currently undergoing testing and certification.

ManufacturerAircraft TypeAircraft ICAO Type Code
The Airbus A319neo, type code A19N
The Airbus A320neo, type code A20N
The Airbus A321neo, type code A21N


Boeing 737 MAX

The Boeing 737 MAX is the fourth generation of 737 produced by Boeing. The MAX family features new engines and airframe improvements—including new split winglets. The first 737 MAX 8 is scheduled for delivery in May 2017 with entry into service shortly thereafter. The 737 MAX 9 is scheduled for entry into service in 2018. The MAX 7 is currently under development.

ManufacturerAircraft TypeAircraft ICAO Type Code
Boeing737 MAX 7B37M
Boeing737 MAX 8B38M
Boeing737 MAX 9B39M
Boeing737 MAX 10B3XM
The Boeing 737 MAX 8, type code B38M
The Boeing 737 MAX 9, type code B39M

Tracking the Aircraft

To track an aircraft type, enter the ICAO type code in the aircraft filter field on the web or in our flight tracker app. You can see our blog post on using aircraft filters on or our quick video tutorial on aircraft filter in our app.

An example aircraft filter for the 737 MAX 9 on
An example filter for all three members of the A320neo family in our mobile app.


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