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Dubai Airshow Day 2 Highlights

Dubai Airshow Day 2 Highlights

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The A350F is officially launched with an order from lessor ALC. The order also includes hundreds of other Airbus aircraft and the creation of a sustainability fund. We also toured the Irkut MC-21 flight test aircraft with a partial cabin.

ALC orders the Airbus A350F

Lessor ALC ordered 111 Airbus aircraft, including seven A350Fs. The order, which is a letter of intent scheduled to be finalized “in the coming months,” also includes 25 A220-300s, 55 A321neos, 20 A321XLRs, and four A330neos.

Promotional image from Airbus and ALC showcasing the aircraft ALC ordered today, including the A350F

Airbus and ALC are also establishing a multi-million dollar fund that will finance “sustainable aviation development projects,” though details on the fund are still light.

Inside the MC-21

We climbed aboard the Irkut MC-21 to see the development of the Russian single-aisle aircraft up close. The cabin is very wide, which is especially apparent in the area with seats installed. Lacking in our conversation with representatives on board was any detail on what market the aircraft would serve with airlines outside of Russia.

Inside the Irkut MC-21 at Dubai Airshow

Emirates Premium Economy

We also toured Emirates’ Premium Economy offering. The airline held out for quite a while before launching a premium economy offering in 2020. We came away impressed, especially with the seat, which feels like you could actually sleep in it.

Emirates premium economy seats


Etihad’s 787 “Greenliner” is at the show and the captain on board was eager to talk about how Etihad is using operational adjustments to reduce their impact on the environment, including an intriguing project to use atmospheric data to avoid producing contrails, which contribute to trapping heat. Stay tuned for more on that in the near future.

Inside Etihad’s ‘Greenliner’ 787 at the Dubai Airshow

Dubai Airshow Day 2 photos

See all our photos from Day 2 of the show.

IMG_6434 IMG_6431 IMG_6428 IMG_6424 IMG_6419 IMG_6409 IMG_6387 IMG_6386 IMG_6385 IMG_6384 IMG_6383 IMG_6366 IMG_6359 IMG_6352 IMG_6341 IMG_6338
Last row in Emirates Premium Economy cabin


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