Delta Air Lines has begun storing some of its wide-body fleet in response to the COVID-19 crisis and lack of travel demand. It will expand its storage flights on Monday, 16 March, as it flies at least two dozen aircraft to Marana in Arizona and Birmingham, Alabama. The aircraft include a mix of A330, A350, 767, and 777s. An initial schedule is included below. You can also follow the storage flights directly on this page.

Delta operates a fleet of over 1200 aircraft, including 155 wide-bodies.

Follow the storage flights

Storage flights are listed as DAL99XX.

Monday’s storage flight schedule

Scheduled time of arrivalFlightOriginDestinationAirlineEquipment
16:00DL9937New York (JFK)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air Lines (SkyTeam Livery)B764 (N844MH)
17:00DL9938Atlanta (ATL)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesB763 (N1613B)
18:00DL9943Boston (BOS)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesA333 (N812NW)
19:00DL9944Boston (BOS)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesA333 (N805NW)
09:00DL9973Atlanta (ATL)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air Lines (BCRF Livery)B764 (N845MH)
10:00DL9974Detroit (DTW)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesA359 (N506DN)
11:00DL9975New York (JFK)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesB763 (N193DN)
12:00DL9976Detroit (DTW)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesA359 (N504DN)
13:00DL9977New York (JFK)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesA333 (N802NW)
14:00DL9978Minneapolis (MSP)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesB772 (N865DA)
15:00DL9979Seattle (SEA)Birmingham (BHM)Delta Air LinesA339 (N401DZ)
07:00DL9960Minneapolis (MSP)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesB77L (N704DK)
08:00DL9961Minneapolis (MSP)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesA333 (N815NW)
09:00DL9962Atlanta (ATL)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesB77L (N706DN)
10:00DL9963Minneapolis (MSP)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesA333 (N820NW)
11:00DL9964Atlanta (ATL)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesB764 (N842MH)
12:00DL9965Detroit (DTW)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesA332 (N857NW)
13:00DL9966Portland (PDX)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesB763 (N16065)
14:00DL9967New York (JFK)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesA333 (N817NW)
15:00DL9968Minneapolis (MSP)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesB763 (N186DN)
16:00DL9969Atlanta (ATL)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesA333 (N814NW)
17:00DL9970Portland (PDX)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesB763 (N194DN)
18:00DL9971New York (JFK)Marana (MZJ)Delta Air LinesA333 (N813NW)

All schedules are tentative and subject to revisions.