David Blaine acted out every child’s fantasy today when he strapped himself to 52 helium-filled balloons and then parachuted back to earth from 25,000 feet. Blaine lifted off just before 15:00 UTC from Page, Arizona and climbed for about 45 minutes before releasing himself from the cluster of balloons.

David Blaine’s bunch of balloons

Blaine’s bunch of 52 helium balloons carried him to 25,000 feet before he released his harness and parachuted back to the ground.

David Blaine lift off with balloons
David Blaine and his 52 helium balloons leave the ground. | Source: David Blaine live stream

After release his team guided the balloons back to the ground by venting the helium for a safe recovery to the south of the release point.

David Blaine’s flight path
The balloon icon in this image marks Blaine’s approximate release point.

A new aircraft type in the Flightradar24 database

We had to make some database additions to accommodate Blaine’s unique form of transportation. To the best of our knowledge, this was the first ever ADS-B-equipped bunch of balloons.

David Blaine’s bunch of helium balloons


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