A MyCargo/ACT Airlines 747-400F operating for Turkish Airlines as flight TK6491 crashed while attempting to land at Manas Airport (FRU/UCFM) in Bishkek. Media reports and images from the scene indicate the aircraft crashed into a residential area west of the airport.

Update 4 March 2020 — Investigators released their final report on the crash of TK6491 on 4 March 2020. The report details the conditions and actions of the flight crew and air traffic control that contributed to the crash. The report is available in full here.

The aircraft, a Boeing 747-400F registered TC-MCL, was operating flight TK6491 from Hong Kong to Bishkek. Flightradar24 data show the aircraft departed Hong Kong at 19:12 UTC on 15 January.

Initial and Additional ADS-B Data

Initial ADS-B Data for TK6491

Initial ADS-B data recorded the aircraft at 43.061371, 74.478104 and 2,375 ft AMSL at 01:16:39 UTC. Efforts to decode additional data resulted in an further 38 seconds of ADS-B data. In this data, the last recorded position of the aircraft is 43.056816, 74.440155, 2350 ft AMSL at 01:17:16.5 UTC.

Additional Decoded Data for TK6491

The initial data and the additional decoded data are available for download separately below.

Flightradar24 Data

TK6491 Initial Data CSV File
TK6491 Initial Data KML File

Additional Decoded ADS-B Data TK6491


Note on individual playback page, additional decoded data import after 01:16:38 does not include speed values, values are marked as 0.


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