Early on the morning of 19 May 2016,  EgyptAir announced that it had lost contact with flight 804, traveling from Paris to Cairo. Flightradar24 tracked this flight via ADS-B and received flight data from the aircraft until 00:29 UTC, 19 May. The last recorded position received from the aircraft was 33.6757, 28.7924 at 36,975 feet. This position is consistent with statements from EgyptAir regarding the last known location of the aircraft before radar contact was lost.

Playback and data from EgyptAir flight 804
Playback and data from EgyptAir flight 804


EgyptAir flight 804 was operated by SU-GCC, an Airbus A320-232 delivered in 2003. According to Airbus, the aircraft had accumulated about 48,000 flight hours.

SU-GCC, the Airbus A320 operating MS804
SU-GCC, the Airbus A320 operating MS804

Flightradar24 Data

At this time we have decoded receiver-specific data for approximately the last 30 minutes of received positions. Also available are CSV and KML files for the full flight track received from the aircraft.

EgyptAir 804 Basic Track CSV File

EgyptAir 804 KML File (zipped)

EgyptAir 804 Extended CSV, Last 30 Minutes of Recorded Positions


16 June 2016

The Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee announced retrieval of the Cockpit Voice Recorder today. According to the Egyptian authorities the CVR was found damaged, but the vessel John Lethbridge was able to recover the memory unit. The full statement is available at the link above and the Enlgish version is below.

Cairo, 16th of June 2016

John Lethbridge, the vessel contracted by the Egyptian Government; to join the search for the wreckage of the A320 that was downed in the Mediterranean last month; had found the Cockpit voice recorder.

The Cockpit voice recorder was retrieved in several stages as it was damaged but the vessel equipment managed to pick up the memory unit; which is considered as the most important part of the above-mentioned recorder.

The General prosecution was then notified and accordingly issued its decision to hand it over to the technical investigation committee to carry out analysis and unload the voice conversations.

Transfer process of the Cockpit voice recorder from the vessel to Alexandria is under process then it will be received by members from the general prosecution and the investigation committee.

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