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Condor unveils bold new livery

The first Conodr A321 in new striped livery

Condor unveils bold new livery

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Condor unveiled a new livery, taking the cover of its new striped color scheme. The airline plans to repaint much of its fleet in the striped theme. Aircraft will be painted in either green, yellow, blue, red, or beige.

The first aircraft to fly

A321 D-AIAD is the first Condor aircraft to fly in the new livery. After painting in Maastricht, the plane flew to Frankfurt on 4 April. Additional aircraft will be painted in either “Condor Island” (green), “Condor Sunshine” (yellow), “Condor Sea” (blue), “Condor Passion” (red) or “Condor Beach” (beige).

Condor’s first A330neo

Condor’s first A330neo also broke cover on 4 April after painting in Toulouse. The aircraft carries test registration F-WWCS.

Partial credit

Aircraft leased by Condor, but operated by other airlines will receive a partial livery. This Bulgaria Air A320 is the first to get the “some stripes” livery.

Sailing the ‘Condor Sea’

D-ATCF is the first A321 to wear the blue Condor ‘Sea’ livery.

Current Condor liveries

The airline currently operates aircraft in multiple liveries. Some aircraft wear a version of the blue livery Condor introduced in the early-2000s during the transition to Thomas Cook ownership. Others wear the yellow and silver “Sunny Heart” livery introduced in 2014. And a few operate in a basic white and gray color scheme.

Condor’s retro jets

Condor also operates two retro jet livery aircraft. 767 D-ABUM operates in a livery based on the airline’s 1960s-1970s livery.

And A320 D-AICH operates in the Condor Flugdienst livery from the airline’s founding in the mid-1950s.

What do you think of Condor’s new livery?

Let us know what you think of Condor’s new livery in the comments below. Or tell us which of Condor’s liveries over the years is your favorite.

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Join the Conversation


  1. Oliver Fairhurst

    Nothing wrong with that, looks good! I don’t know why people hate it so much… 🙂

  2. Duraid foy

    Love the yellow and blue ones fantastic

  3. Cam

    Reminds me of Braniff Airlines. Solid, bold colors on each aircraft but no zebra stripes just solid flamboyant colors.

  4. LBBG3

    Seems fresh and easily recognizable. I’m I the only one bothered by the different lengths of the condor logos in the island (3 stripes) and sunshine (4 stripes) schemes?!

  5. Nachum H

    Looks like a bunch of jailbirds

  6. Toni

    “Looks like a bunch of jailbirds” by NACHUM H. Clever comment.
    I think it is a horrible livery. Guessing who’s responsible for this.

  7. Jbook

    Reminds me of Juicy Fruit gum!

  8. Peter Eisele

    Warum nicht ? Mir gefällt die neue Bemalung. Ist peppig und frisch.

  9. Keith Partington

    Looks good to me. It also provides convenient cut lines for when the aircraft get broken up 😀

  10. Justin Case

    When this was Announced, i thought it was an April Fools day prank 😂
    But no…, it’s real!

  11. Charlotte

    The orange looks like Whataburger

  12. Oliver Mullins

    I like it, brings colour and excitement not like the current trends of boring plain depressing liveries.

  13. Robert

    Seems pretty brave for an airline to try to find new and expensive ways to trigger epilepsy…

  14. 132J

    Great new livery! Leased Condor jets, like the Bulgaria Air one, look nice with the fresh “partial credit.”

  15. Paul Bogaard

    Reminds me of some scary water snake!!!

  16. Richard Price

    Condor livery is unusual and striking. Will be noticed which presumably is the point.

  17. George Reilly

    I like it

  18. John

    It will grow on me…

  19. htmm

    Like the planes would be still wearing their pajamas.

  20. Gianni

    I find it great. It reminds me, in some way, Braniff

  21. Stevenz

    The first one looks like a traffic cone.

  22. Andy Agazzi

    Reminds me somehow on the Calders‘ liveries that Braniff flew in ancient times. I don‘t like it that much but it is for sure different, but rather in a bad way. What I don’t understand why they have put the titles in such a common way, it couldn‘t be any more boring in my opinion. Anyway, for aviation at least something different for their collection.

  23. A Wilkie

    Dreadful. Make me feel nauseous. Partial stripes much more attractive

  24. Stephan

    It’s fun, but looks like a prisoner’s outfit

  25. Zotin Khuma

    Puts a smile on your face. Well suited for a tourist-oriented airline but I can’t help wondering if it might put off some stuffy business class passengers a bit.

  26. Pete

    Condors have excelled with this wonderful paint job.It’s about time airlines smartened up their airplanes.Looking forward to seeing the A330 Neos crossing over where Ilive

  27. Henry Casas

    Condor’s new colors reminds me of prisoners escaped from a chain gang of yesteryear but certainly very recognized

  28. Michael

    @LBBG3: note that these are two different aircraft, the yellow one is an A321 whereas the green one is an A330; not just longer but with a larger tail

  29. Ben Giarraputo

    Love the new liveries. Like the days of Braniff Airlines.

  30. Ben Giarraputo

    Fruit stripe gum. Wonder if they still make that.

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