Commercial flights in November were down 39.8% from 2019, a slight improvement from October when flights were 42.4% lower than a year prior. November commercial traffic was helped by a slight increase in flights in the run up to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Total flights were down 21.8% compared to November 2019.

Commercial flights down 39.8% below 2019

November continued the trend of ever-so-slight improvement as commercial traffic remains around 40% down from the past year. October 2020 was down 42.4%, September down 43%. Commercial traffic continued to follow season patterns, decreasing month-to-month, however traffic only decreased by 4.2% October to November. In 2019, October-November traffic decreased by 8.1% month-to-month.

Jan 2019-November 2020 Total and Commercial Flights

Here’s a closer look at how 2019 and 2020 commercial flights compare.

2019 vs 2020 Commercial flights

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Total traffic down 25.2% from 2019

Total traffic has continued to lead commercial traffic, ending October down 25.2% from 2019. Traffic in September was similarly off 25.9% from the same month last year.

May 2016-November 2020 Total Flights

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