The COMAC C919, China’s first domestically developed large passenger jet, took flight for the first time Friday afternoon in Shanghai. The aircraft completed a 1 hour 18 minute flight that, in a first for any manufacturer, included a publicly available live video feed from the flight deck.

Tracking the C919

The C919 may be tracked with registration B-001A.

First Flight

Departing at 14:01 local time in Shanghai (06:01 UTC) and landing 1 hour, 18 minutes later, the C919 covered 439 kilometers flying to the north of Shanghai-Pudong International Airport.

The track of the C919’s first flight
Altitude and speed graph from the C919’s first flight

Playback and Downloads

? Playback

? COMAC C919 First Flight KML File

? COMAC C919 First Flight CSV File


The C919 lifts off for the first time
A good look at the underside and CFM LEAP-1C engines of the C919 as it passes overhead
The C919 on final approach, completing its first flight

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