In our latest update for our flight tracker app, we’ve added custom notification sounds for our different types of notifications and alerts. Instead of the default system alert, you can now choose from eight new custom aviation-themed sounds.

To change your alert settings and use the custom sounds, tap Alerts, then tap Notification settings. There you’ll see the option to choose a custom sound for each type of alert. The four alerts are Generic alert, Featured flight, General emergency (squawking 7700), and Radio failure (squawking 7600). The Generic alert sound will be used for any custom alerts you may have set in the app.

There are eight different options for custom alert sounds.

Alarm — flight deck general alarm sound
Announcement — terminal announcement
Captain — ‘This is your captain speaking’
Chime — Cabin interphone call tone
Mayday — ‘Mayday Mayday Mayday’
Roger — ‘Roger’
Terrain — ‘Terrain Terrain
Windshear — ‘Windshear’

You must have notifications enabled in iOS Settings to take advantage of the custom notification sounds.

A note for Android users

Android unfortunately does not support app-supplied custom notification sounds, however, users with devices running Android 8.0 or greater can choose any of the Android supplied sounds for their notifications. Visit Alert settings in the app to choose which sound you prefer.

Visit out flight tracker app page here.


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