• Aerial Reinforcements Bound for the Fort McMurray Fire

    As the wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, continues to grow, more aerial reinforcements for the fire fighters on the ground will soon be in place.   Read More

  • Take a Tour of the An-225 and Follow It to Perth, Australia in May

    On 10 May, the largest cargo plane in the world will begin a 9 day journey from Ukraine to Australia. The Antonov An-225 Mriya will be bringing a large generator to Perth, arriving on 15 May. We have included the tentative schedule for the An-225 flights in May below. We also take a look inside …   Read More

  • Following the Emirates A380 Fleet for a Day

    At the end of March, the Emirates Airbus A380 fleet numbered 75 and the airline has an additional 67 of the type on order. Emirates A380s make up 40% of delivered A380s and 57% of total orders. With such a large fleet, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at a day …   Read More

  • Seeing a Day in a Minute—24 Hours of Flights in the US

    Hundreds of thousands of flights take off and land each day around the world. On 1 April we tracked a total of 164,209 flights. Tens of thousands of those took to the skies over the United States. In the video below, we’ve compressed 24 hours of flight activity over the United States into just one …   Read More

  • Keep Your Eye on the HBAL—Tracking Project Loon Balloons

    Each day, we receive inquiries on social media and through our support channels asking about balloons, specifically—“What are those balloon icons wandering around the map at 65,000 feet?”   Read More

  • Route Proving with the Bombardier CS100

    Bombardier’s C Series CS100 C-FFCO test aircraft spent most of March based in Zurich performing route proving trials for SWISS. C-FFCO’s time in Europe was meant to ensure that all will go smoothly when the CS100 begins flying for SWISS later this year. The route proving trials put the aircraft through simulated airline operations before …   Read More

  • Putting Ed Force One Back Together Again

    On 12 March, while being moved to a refueling dock in Santiago, Ed Force One suffered substantial damage after it collided with the ground tug pulling it. The steering pin connecting the tug and Ed Force One became dislodged and when the tug tried to turn the aircraft, the aircraft impacted the tug, injuring the …   Read More

  • How to Draw a Plane with a Plane

    Not every flight is about getting from point A to B. Some flights are about the journey—or in this case, about the image. The pilot of D-EFHN took to the sky to draw a portrait of an airplane. Pilots have previously drawn interesting patterns in the sky, Flower Guy for instance, but this is the …   Read More

  • Planespotting in St Maarten Just Got Even Better

    Planespotting at Princess Juliana Airport in Sint Maarten, known to aviation enthusiasts around the world for its spectacular low approach over Maho Beach, just got even better. Our friends at PTZtv recently launched a high-definition webcam located at the Sunset Bar and Grill right next to the runway. In addition to HD streaming video, this …   Read More

  • Tracking Flights with Our First Receiver in Antarctica

    At the end of December we activated our first receiver in Antarctica at the Troll Research Station operated by the Norwegian Polar Institute and on 13 January we tracked our first flight in Antarctica, a resupply flight operated by a Privatair 737, registered HB-JJA.   Read More

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