• Tracking the Antonov An-225: the world’s largest cargo aircraft

    Originally developed as a transport for the Buran program, the Antonov An-225 Mryia has since found its calling as the world’s largest cargo aircraft—holding over 200 world records, including heaviest total cargo (253.8t) and the heaviest single piece of cargo ever carried (187.6t). Learn more about the An-225, take a look inside, and track it …   Read More

  • Then and now: visualizing COVID-19’s impact on air traffic

    We‘ve compiled statistics and charted the dramatic decline in air traffic caused by COVID-19, but what does that actually look like on the map? We’ve created some ‘before and after’ images showing the impact on air traffic in various places around the world.   Read More

  • Airlines get creative with cargo

    Airlines are making big changes to how they operate in the face of COVID-19. In addition to the growth of dedicated cargo service—including Atlas Air taking at least one 747 freighter out of storage—airlines are getting creative in how they carry cargo shipments that would normally fly with passengers.   Read More

  • Follow the final KLM 747 flights

    This weekend, KLM will operate its final Boeing 747 passenger flights, bringing an end to nearly 50 years of service with the airline. The 747 was scheduled to exit the fleet in 2021, but the impacts of COVID-19 flight restrictions and plummeting passenger demand have forced KLM to move the schedule forward.   Read More

  • Airlines suspending flights to China in response to Coronavirus threat

    Coronavirus related flight cancellations are increasing as international airlines are suspending or sharply curtailing their service to China in response to the outbreak that began in Wuhan last month. Some major airlines like British Airways and the Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian) have canceled all flights to China, while others like United and American …   Read More

  • Boeing 777X First Flight

    The Boeing 777X is set to take flight for the first time this morning in Seattle. The enlarged version of the 777 features the world’s largest jet engine, the GE9X, and new composite wings with folding wingtips, among other improvements.   Read More

  • Etihad takes delivery of its special 787 ‘Greenliner’

    Etihad Airways has taken delivery of its special 787-10 ‘Greenliner’ (A6-BMH). The ‘Greenliner’, which features a special livery, will be used to research sustainability initiatives while in service on regular routes. The delivery flight also explored three efficiency projects in conjunction with Boeing engineers to examine their impact on fuel consumption.   Read More

  • Bei Bei says bye bye to Washington

    Bei Bei says bye bye to Washington today as he flies aboard FedEx’s panda express 777 to Chengdu. The four-year-old giant panda is being flown to China to help increase the global giant panda population. Both he and his sister Bao Bao were born at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC. She was flown …   Read More

  • Here’s how to track all the Star Wars special liveries

    Star Wars special liveries now adorn six aircraft across four airlines. United Airlines unveiled their Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker special livery 737 making it the latest airline to add an aircraft painted to promote the iconic film franchise. We’ve made it easy to track them all.   Read More

  • El Al says goodbye to its 747 fleet with a sky art tribute

    El Al said goodbye to its 747 fleet today with a sky art tribute to the Queen of the Skies. El Al’s final 747 flight drew a 747 in sky above the Mediterranean Sea on its way from Rome to Tel Aviv. El Al first put the 747 into service in 1971.   Read More

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