• Tensions between India and Pakistan affect air traffic

    Tensions between India and Pakistan have escalated and are now affecting air traffic in the region. Pakistan has closed its airspace entirely and Indian authorities restricted flights at more than half a dozen airports for a few hours on 27 February.   Read More

  • Flightradar24 data regarding the crash of Atlas Air 5Y3591 near Houston

    At approximately 18:40 UTC (12:40 local time) Atlas Air 5Y3591, a Boeing 767-375(ER)(BDSF), operating for Amazon Prime Air crashed into Trinity Bay while on approach to Houston (IAH). Flight 5Y 3591 was operating from Miami.   Read More

  • Unauthorized Drones at Gatwick Airport Force Airport Closure

    Unauthorized drone activity at Gatwick Airport has forced the airport to halt operations for much of Thursday, 20 December and disruptions are expected to continue through Friday, 21 December. The drone flights have led to over 100 diverted flights since 2100 UTC 19 December and over 550 flights have been canceled at Gatwick during the …   Read More

  • Flightradar24 Data Regarding Lion Air Flight JT610

    Lion Air flight JT610 departed Jakarta for Pangkal Pinang at 06:20 local time (23:20 UTC) on 29 October and lost contact shortly after departure. Flightradar24 received the last ADS-B message from the aircraft at 23:31:56 UTC at an altitude of 425 feet AMSL. The flight was operated by Boeing 737 MAX 8 registration PK-LQP. The …   Read More

  • Flightradar24 Data Related to Southwest Airlines Flight 1380

    On 17 April 2018, Southwest Airlines flight 1380 from New York to Dallas suffered an uncontained engine failure of the number 1 (left hand) engine. The aircraft diverted safely to Philadelphia. Southwest Airlines and the NTSB have confirmed that there was one passenger fatality aboard flight 1380.   Read More

  • Crash of Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704

    Iran Aseman Airlines flight 3704 crashed in the mountainous area north of its destination of Yasuj. According to our data the flight departed Tehran about 04:33 UTC (08:03L). The flight was due to land in Yasuj at 09:50 local time. Flight 3704 was operated by ATR 72-212 EP-ATS (MSN 391), first delivered in 1993.   Read More

  • Saratov Airlines Flight 703 Crashed Outside of Moscow

    Saratov Airlines flight 703 crashed approximately six minutes after takeoff from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. The flight was bound for Orsk, about 1500 km southeast of Moscow. The flight was operated by an Antonov An-148-100B, registered RA-61704. The extent of Flightradar24 data is included below.   Read More

  • Air France Flight AF66 Suffers Engine Failure over Greenland

    On 30 September, Air France flight 66 en route from Paris to Los Angeles suffered an engine failure over Greenland, leading to a safe diversion to Goose Bay in Canada. The aircraft, an Airbus A380-861 powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 engines, suffered a failure of the number 4 engine—the outer, right engine.   Read More

  • Flight Ban for Qatar Flights in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt

    Following the severing of diplomatic relations with Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are banning flights to and from Qatar. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are also banning overflights by aircraft registered in Qatar. Bahrain is severely restricting overflight access to Qatari aircraft.   Read More

  • Crash of MyCargo/ACT Airlines Flight TK6491 and Additional ADS-B Data

    A MyCargo/ACT Airlines 747-400F operating for Turkish Airlines as flight TK6491 crashed while attempting to land at Manas Airport (FRU/UCFM) in Bishkek. Media reports and images from the scene indicate the aircraft crashed into a residential area west of the airport.   Read More

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