• A Russian relic: the Ilyushin IL-62

    The Ilyushin IL-62 was a very capable long-range aircraft in its day, and an important one for Soviet flag carrier Aeroflot. These days it’s almost impossible to find flying, which is a shame. Its most distinctive characteristic is clearly the four tail-mounted engines – an audacious and rare design. As with many Russian jets from …   Read More

  • Mystery flights: EuroAtlantic to Timor-Leste

    Many of the world’s flights are routine, daily operations between major cities. A handful of others, though, are much more mysterious. My favorite finds on Flightradar24 are those flights that pop up and require a little more research to understand. A little-known airline flying overhead, or a carrier flying well beyond its regular route map …   Read More

  • The 747 is still flying. Here’s where you can spot them

    Given the state of things in aviation amid a pandemic that appears to be worsening in Europe and the Americas, you might assume a plane like the 747 would be parked or stored across the board. And yet they’re still flying.   Read More

  • These are the longest domestic flights in the world

    When most people think of a domestic flight they likely imagine a quick hop, maybe an hour or two. In some countries even an hour...

  • Where are A380s flying these days?

    Anyone who has paid attention to the airline industry since March will know that the A380 has not fared well this year. The superjumbo posed a challenge for airlines even before demand for air travel took a massive hit in March – because with so many seats to fill, it could be difficult to operate …   Read More

  • Flight 1 round 2: which other routes get top billing?

    Last week we covered some of the more high-profile routes that carry (or once carried) the flight number 1. The first round included Concorde flights,...

  • ORD, FRU, MSY: how odd airport codes came to be

    There are plenty of airport codes around the world that are good for a laugh. Think of most words you’d avoid uttering in polite company...

  • Stuff of legend: airline code origin stories

    Let’s face it: airline codes are boring. Or so it seems at first. BA is British Airways, AA is American Airlines and so on. Others are random. IATA will assign available codes to airlines as needed and it is not necessarily a creative process.   Read More

  • Which routes carry flight number 1 and why?

    In commercial aviation there’s no flight number quite as prestigious as flight 1. Flight numbers don’t often follow a readily apparent logic, but it’s usually different with flight 1, or as it’s often written alongside an airline code, 001.   Read More

  • Strange and beautiful airline call signs from around the world

    If you ever listen to air traffic control, you’ll hear pilots of both commercial and cargo aircraft identify themselves by a combination of their call sign and flight number.   Read More

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