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post image Photos Now Live on Flightradar24

We’re happy to announce that photos are now live on Flightradar24. When clicking on a flight, users will now see photos from alongside the flight information. Our acquisition of and its catalog of nearly 3 million photos will allow us to display many more photos than we were previously able.

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Common Errors on Flightradar24

Flying cars, strange detours, impossible flight paths? When tracking hundreds of thousands of flights per day, various errors arise from time-to-time. We regularly get questions about why a particular flight track looks odd and the reason often falls in to a few categories.

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Using Filters in Flightradar24

Seeing every aircraft we’re tracking around the world at any given moment is an awesome sight, but sometimes you only want to see a selection of those thousands of flights. For those times, we have several different filters from which to choose. Filters are a great tool for when you’re looking for something specific, but […]

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How We Track Flights with ADS-B

The primary technology we use to receive flight data is called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). This relatively new technology enables us to track aircraft in real-time with great accuracy. As ADS-B becomes industry standard the number of flights we are able to track will rise.

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How We Track Flights with MLAT

Of the thousands of aircraft we track each day, many do not yet have an ADS-B transponder and still rely on an older transponder to report flight information. For these aircraft we’ve developed our receivers and software to take advantage of Multilateration (MLAT) to help us track their flights.

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How the Flightradar24 Receiver Application Process Works

We’re constantly working to expand our network of receivers around the world to increase our ADS-B and MLAT coverage. Each week we send out approximately 50 Flightradar24 receivers to new hosts. Before receivers are shipped, each application goes through a multistage review process to ensure we’re providing the best service for our users.

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