• Tracking the spectacular Air Canada retro Airbus A220

    Special liveries are a beautiful thing – if, of course, you’re someone who cares what airplanes look like. And if you’re reading this, I’ll assume you are. It’s always fun to see what an airline comes up with when it decides to do up a plane in a unique color scheme. Often these are retro …   Read More

  • Catching a flight on the rare Saab 340 in Sweden

    We have our latest flying video out today, and it’s a short-but-sweet one: documenting a quick flight I took on Air Leap‘s Saab 340 down...

  • Aviation Business

    Aviation Business Where Lufthansa has stored its A380s Members of the Lufthansa A380 fleet that will fly again now number just two. The airline is...

  • Flying Air France long-haul business class

    Traveling long-haul is a little weird these days. That’s mostly because of all the new and changing rules, checks and general uncertainty before departure and...

  • What is SAS doing with its A350 these days?

    Last weekend I took a flight onboard the SAS A350 from Copenhagen (CPH) to San Francisco (SFO) in SAS Plus, their premium economy cabin. I’d flown the SAS A350 once before, shortly after its introduction at the airline last year, from Copenhagen to Chicago. Most who’ve flown the A350 will agree, this is a marvelous …   Read More

  • What’s at stake with new 737 MAX electrical issues

    After the events of the past few years it’s no surprise that when the 737 MAX has an issue, it receives a lot of coverage. And the latest 737 MAX headlines concerning potential electrical problems are no doubt a big headache for Boeing and its operators alike. It’s bad publicity at the worst possible time …   Read More

  • Amapola: all about Sweden’s little-known Fokker 50 airline

    If you’re following us on Instagram (and if you’re not, please do!) you’ll know that last week I took a trip up to Hemavan (HMV) and back to Stockholm (ARN) on the Fokker 50. Those of you who know your turboprops will know the Fokker 50 is a very special bird indeed, so this was …   Read More

  • Here’s what air traffic to Hawaii is looking like

    Hawaii is a very popular place to visit. It’s also a very remote set of islands. That makes it highly susceptible to importation of SARS-CoV-2, but also easier to restrict entry to than, say, California. Hawaii took the logical step of quarantining all arrivals from the mainland US for quite a few months in 2020, …   Read More

  • A Ukrainian aviation legend: all about Antonov

    Judging by the popularity of last week’s post about the Ilyushin IL-76, Flightradar24 users and blog readers like their Soviet-era aircraft. And how could they not? We love a brand new A320neo as much as the next person, and the continuous march of progress toward quieter, safer and more efficient aircraft is fantastic overall. But …   Read More

  • US to Colombia flights are booming, even in a pandemic

    Traffic between the US and Colombia took a hit just like almost all other air traffic last year in March – and for a long time it was nearly impossible to find a flight between the two countries unless you could get yourself on a repatriation service or similar special flight. But then Colombia reopened …   Read More

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