• AvTalk Episode 54: the 737 MAX MCAS Software Update

    On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss Boeing’s MCAS software update, the continued grounding of the 737 MAX fleet, and passengers on one flight are surprised to find themselves in the wrong country upon landing.   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 53: Ethiopian 302 and the grounding of the 737 MAX

    On this episode of AvTalk we’re joined by The Air Current editor-in-chief Jon Ostrower to discuss the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and the subsequent grounding of the 737 MAX. We also get an update from the NTSB on the crash of Atlas Air flight 3591 and an update on the closure of Pakistan’s …   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 52: No, that seatback camera isn’t spying on you

    On this episode of AvTalk, we review what we know about the crash of Atlas Air 3591, incredulously read through the Aeromexico Connect flight 2431 report, recap our correct predictions about the A380, and Jason and Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren head to Florida for some rare planespotting.   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 51: The end of the line for the A380

    On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss Airbus’ plans for the future of the A380, see which European low-cost carrier is no longer operating this week, tow a 747 across a field, and add some Flair to the podcast.   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 50: AvTalk and the 747 turn 50

    On this episode of AvTalk, we celebrate our 50th episode and the 50th anniversary of the Boeing 747. We discuss aviation’s role in ending the US government shutdown, how British Airways’ is celebrating its centenary, and we see if anyone wants to buy an abandoned MD-87.   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 49: Shut it down

    On this episode of AvTalk, Indonesia finds the Lion Air 610 cockpit voice recorder, we look at the effects the US government shutdown is having on aviation, and our favorite roof top bar that’s also an airline announces last call.   Read More

  • Episode 48: Aviation 2018: the good, the bad, and the weird

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS 2018 was a year of highs, lows, and head scratchers. We take...

  • AvTalk Episode 47: Emotional Support Chicken

    On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss the recent incidents allegedly involving drones, Norwegian ends up with a 737 in Iran, Korean Air takes on overzealous K Pop fans, and one restaurant wants to help flyers with some emotional support chicken.   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 46: Pickled Herring

    On this episode of AvTalk, Indonesian investigators release a preliminary report on Lion Air 610, Anchorage gets shaken up, WOW Air lives to fly another day, and we travel to Stockholm for some pickled herring and Australian pronunciation.   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 45: Tossing a FUD Grenade

    On this episode of AvTalk, The Air Current editor-in-chief Jon Ostrower joins us to discuss the investigation into the crash of Lion Air 610 and the attention now being paid to Boeing’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). We also discuss Airbus’ plans for future aircraft development and the many incidents that occurred over the last …   Read More