• Developing a Wake Turbulence Warning System

    Just as ships moving through the water create a wake, aircraft moving through the air create one as well. Wake vortices from aircraft often go unseen, but the wake turbulence they create can have severe consequences for aircraft if pilots are not aware.   Read More

  • Practice Makes Perfect—Crosswind Landings

    Earlier this week, an Airbus A350 made news in Scotland when it visited Stornoway Airport to conduct crosswind touch-and-go practice. But what is a crosswind and what exactly are the pilots practicing?   Read More

  • Air India Taking Advantage of Tailwinds

    On 15 October, Air India adjusted the routing of its Delhi—San Francisco flight to increase the distance of the flight by over 1000 kilometers. In doing so, however, the airline saved 2 hours and 15 minutes of flying time. How did they manage that? In a word: wind. Track the Pacific flight to San Francisco …   Read More

  • How to Paint a Plane: Going Inside the Paint Hangar

    Last week we took a look inside the maintenance hangar, now we’re headed into the paint hangar to see how airplanes are painted.   Read More

  • Making Sure an Aircraft is Ready to Fly

    We often get questions when a plane seems to be flying in a strange pattern and going nowhere. Often times these are either training flights or test flights after maintenance. Airliner maintenance is a lot more than just changing tires and checking fluid levels—though there is a lot of that. We took a look through …   Read More

  • Ready for Winter—a Look at Aircraft Deicing

    As winter arrives, airports dust off their deicing equipment and ready for another season of cold, snow, and ice. While a car may be safely operated partially covered in ice or snow, aircraft must be completely free of contamination to assure a safe flight. Deicing can sometimes lead to flight delays, but the alternative is …   Read More

  • The Flightradar24 Glossary

    We’ve put together a glossary of terms you may encounter either on our site or in aviation in general that we hope enriches your flight tracking experience. We’ll be continuing to add terms to this post, so check back often. If there are missing terms you think we should add or terms you have questions …   Read More

  • Eight Impressive Runways Around the World

    Aerial photos of airports are often similar—a few runways with a terminal surrounded by a large tract of flat land. But not every airport fits the mold. Some runways are carved into mountain sides, some are paved right in the middle of a city, and others sit on an island in the middle of the …   Read More

  • Squawking 7700—An Air Traffic Controller’s Perspective on In-flight Emergencies

    Previously we interviewed Captain Ken Hoke to learn how pilots train for and manage in-flight emergencies. Today, on the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, we turn to a controller for his perspective on emergency situations.   Read More

  • Squawking 7700—In-flight Emergencies from a Pilot’s Perspective

    We track hundreds of thousands of flights every day and invariably a few will declare an emergency and possibly “squawk 7700” during the day. This common occurrence often leads to numerous questions about what the flight is doing and why. We field many inquiries each time a flight declares an emergency, so we spoke with …   Read More