• Winter Winds: How Singapore Airlines’ New World’s Longest Flight is Saving Time (and Fuel) by Flying Farther

    The shortest distance between two points on the earth is a straight line, but it it may not be the fastest. When Singapore Airlines relaunched its Singapore-New York flights last week, the route retook the title of world’s longest flight by distance. With a block time of 18 hours 45 minutes SQ21 from New York …   Read More

  • ‘Why Don’t They Just Land?’: Why the Best Diversion Airport May Not Be the Closest

    While over 150,000 flights per day land at their intended destination, some divert due to weather, mechanical, or medical reasons. When a flight diverts, we’re often asked why the aircraft didn’t land at the nearest airport. While there are instances when landing as soon as possible is the best course of action—such as the recent …   Read More

  • EASA Notification Regarding Flights in the Eastern Mediterranean

    On 10 April, Eurocontrol published a rapid alert notification from the European Aviation Safety Agency to its operations portal, warning of the possibility of missile activity in the ‘Eastern Mediterranean / Nicosia FIR’ and intermittent disruption to radio navigation equipment within 72 hours of publication. The message was first published by Eurocontrol at 15:19 UTC.   Read More

  • Clearing up Call Sign Confusion

    Every few months, when airlines introduce updated schedules, we note that some routes may initially be displayed incorrectly on Flightradar24 because of new call signs. The new call signs that most affect route matching are the alphanumeric call signs used by an increasing number of airlines. We’ll explain how alphanumeric call signs have made our …   Read More

  • Make a Right at Lands End—Fun with Aircraft Leasing

    Air Europa took delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 last week, but the aircraft didn’t fly straight home. From Charleston, EC-MSZ (MSN 62171) flew northeast along the the US and Canadian coast and eastward across the Atlantic, headed directly for the Lands End VOR-DME. But why the circuitous route? In a word: paperwork.   Read More

  • Blizzard 2018: Cancellations, Diversions, and a Slow Recovery

    On Thursday, 4 January, a massive blizzard hit the northeast United States, impacting travel along the east coast from Maine to Miami. In our first...

  • TO/GA Party! How Go-arounds Work

    Spend time at a busy airport and you’ll likely see an aircraft go-around. Find out why aircraft go-around’s occur and how the maneuver enhances safety.   Read More

  • Enter Air’s 3.5 Hour Hold and Other Adventures in Funchal Weather

    Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, or Madeira to some, may be best known as a marvel of modern engineering thanks to its extended runway sitting on columns 70 meters above the ocean. But for avgeeks, Funchal is also known as an airport with challenging approach procedures and great photography opportunities.   Read More

  • Safety First: How Lightning Affects Airfield Operations

    The Chicago-area experienced severe storms this week, halting operations at Chicago-O’Hare International Airport more than once. On Wednesday morning, Chicago news anchor Alan Krashesky posted a video that perfectly illustrates why airfield operations stop during a thunderstorm.   Read More

  • A Look at Airspace in North Korea and the Surrounding Area

    Over the past few days, we’ve received quite a few questions about airspace over North Korea and South Korea. The most common question: is North Korean airspace always that empty? And second, do you have coverage there? We’ve also been asked about patterns of flights to and from South Korea and Japan. In this post, …   Read More

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