• Where Lufthansa has stored its A380s

    Members of the Lufthansa A380 fleet that will fly again now number just two. The airline is in the process of retiring its super jumbos and a pair remain in Frankfurt in preparation for their journey to what will likely be their final storage location. D-AIMH (MSN 070) and D-AIMM (MSN 175) will be the …   Read More

  • Air France across the Atlantic: a look at the data

    After taking a long-haul flight with Air France from San Francisco that was stuffed full of cargo and had 100 seats occupied (read all about it here), I wondered what the French carrier’s transatlantic network has looked like over the course of the last year. Anecdotally I knew the airline has kept fairly busy during the …   Read More

  • Checking in on air traffic in China

    After slamming on the brakes for the New Year holiday, China’s air traffic recovery has resumed, with traffic from the country’s 25 busiest airports practically recovered to pre-pandemic levels and 133% above where it was at the beginning of April last year.   Read More

  • Air traffic continues its recovery in March

    March 2021 looked very different than March 2020 for commercial air traffic. In the middle of March last year the bottom fell out on the aviation industry as COVID-19 spread and countries rushed to close their borders. At the beginning of March 2020, the seven-day average of global commercial flights was 103,397, but by the …   Read More

  • Amapola: all about Sweden’s little-known Fokker 50 airline

    If you’re following us on Instagram (and if you’re not, please do!) you’ll know that last week I took a trip up to Hemavan (HMV) and back to Stockholm (ARN) on the Fokker 50. Those of you who know your turboprops will know the Fokker 50 is a very special bird indeed, so this was …   Read More

  • US to Colombia flights are booming, even in a pandemic

    Traffic between the US and Colombia took a hit just like almost all other air traffic last year in March – and for a long time it was nearly impossible to find a flight between the two countries unless you could get yourself on a repatriation service or similar special flight. But then Colombia reopened …   Read More

  • Diving deeper into the data: the past year at airBaltic

    Last week we had a chat with Martin Gauss, the CEO of airBaltic – you can listen to it on the latest AvTalk podcast and/or read sections of the interview with additional context on the blog. Gauss spoke of a sudden cut in flights almost overnight, which brought along with it the retirement of two …   Read More

  • “We will see a surge.” A chat with the airBaltic CEO

    Before the pandemic, airBaltic was a rising star in Europe. The airline managed to build up a busy hub in Riga where there had been nothing of the sort before, alongside bases in Vilnius and Tallinn. It served dozens of destinations and, as one of the early adopters of the A220 (dubbed the Bombardier CSeries …   Read More

  • Have we entered the era of smaller airplanes for good?

    There’s been a lot of talk lately about airlines around the world beginning to favor smaller aircraft. Not just amid the pandemic but for the...

  • How KLM kept flying during the pandemic

    KLM has maintained a relatively impressive route network over the past year, even as its total number of flights took a hit. The robust network has been helped partly by cargo demand. Indeed, that’s a major factor keeping the largest planes in the KLM fleet busy, and keeping certain cities in the route map.   Read More

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