• Metroliner and SR22 collide near Denver, all safe

    A Key Lime Air Swearingen SA226TC Metroliner and a Cirrus SR22 collided just north of Denver’s Centennial Airport as both were attempting to land. The Metroliner made a safe landing at the airport. The SR22 deployed its Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) and came down in an unpopulated area near Cherry Creek State Park.   Read More

  • The complete list of grounded 777s and where they are

    After the UA328 incident this past weekend (see here for the background and latest updates), attention has turned to Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 series engines. Boeing quickly recommended inspections on all 777s powered by the PW4000-112, the specific variant on 777s, and the FAA has issued an emergency airworthiness directive (EAD) requiring stepped up inspections.   Read More

  • United UA328 suffers engine failure departing Denver

    United Airlines flight UA328 suffered an engine failure shortly after departing Denver International Airport on 20 February 2020. The 777-200 (MSN 26930 | L/N 5) was operating from Denver to Honolulu with 231 passengers and 10 crew and returned safely to Denver. Parts of the right-hand engine were scattered near Broomfield, west of the airport. …   Read More

  • The Irkut MC-21: an introduction to Russia’s latest jetliner

    Yesterday an Irkut MC-21 undergoing flight testing overran the runway at Moscow’s Zhukovsky Airport (ZIA). No one was injured and it looks as if the aircraft avoided any major damage. Initial reports from Irkut, the company making the MC-21, indicate this happened during a simulated engine-out test. It also said no system failures were involved. …   Read More

  • Why do airplanes dump fuel?

    Earlier this week British Airways flight BA269 from London to Los Angeles had a problem with its flaps and the crew decided to return to London...

  • EASA suspends Pakistan International Airlines from Europe for six months

    The European Aviation Safety Agency informed Pakistan International Airlines that it will not be allowed to operate to destinations in Europe for six months, beginning 1 July. The suspension is in part due to unsatisfactory progress on safety reforms required by EASA and in part due to recent revelations that over 100 PIA pilots had …   Read More

  • RP-C5880 accident in Manila

    On 28 March an IAI 1124A Westwind II registered RP-C5880 suffered an accident in Manila. The aircraft was conducting its takeoff roll at the time of the accident. Flightradar24 has limited tracking data for RP-C5880 at the time of the incident.   Read More

  • Delta 777 dumps fuel on school during emergency return to LAX

    Delta Air Lines flight DL89 suffered an engine issue shortly after departure from Los Angeles International Airport on 14 January and elected to return to the airport. During preparations for landing the aircraft jettisoned fuel at a lower altitude than is normal in these situations. Some of the fuel landed on a local school and …   Read More

  • Indonesian investigators release final Lion Air 610 crash report

    Indonesian investigators released their final Lion Air flight 610 crash report this morning, finding that Boeing’s design of the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), the FAA’s certification of the system, the airline’s maintenance of the aircraft, and the pilots’ actions during the flight all contributed to the crash.   Read More

  • Jorge Manalang versus the catering cart

    Jorge Manalang, an Envoy ramp instructor was in the right place at the right time yesterday. His quick actions with a pushback tug at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport prevented anyone from being injured and damage to an aircraft. The catering cart, on other hand, will likely be out of service for a while.   Read More