British Airways intends to retire its entire 747 fleet ‘with immediate effect’, bringing forward the aircraft’s complete withdrawal by three years. The airline notified staff via letter, and subsequently publicly confirmed, its intention to remove the 747 from service. As of March, when the airline began grounding aircraft in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, British Airways operated a fleet of 30 747-400s, including three in special heritage liveries.

Where are the British Airways 747s now?

As of 16 July, 14 of BA’s 747s are in Cardiff (CWL) where the airline performs heavy maintenance on its widebody fleet. Two have flown to Kemble (GBA), five to Teruel (TEV), and nine remain at London-Heathrow (LHR).

RegistrationAircraft TypeSerial Number (MSN)AgeLocation
G-BNLYBoeing 747-4362709027 yearsCWL
G-BYGABoeing 747-4362885521 yearsCWL
G-BYGBBoeing 747-4362885621 yearsCWL
G-BYGCBoeing 747-4362582321 yearsCWL
G-BYGDBoeing 747-4362885721 yearsCWL
G-BYGEBoeing 747-4362885821 yearsCWL
G-BYGFBoeing 747-4362582421 yearsLHR
G-BYGGBoeing 747-4362885921 yearsCWL
G-CIVABoeing 747-4362709227 yearsTEV
G-CIVBBoeing 747-4362581126 yearsLHR
G-CIVCBoeing 747-4362581226 yearsCWL
G-CIVDBoeing 747-4362734925 yearsLHR
G-CIVEBoeing 747-4362735025 yearsLHR
G-CIVFBoeing 747-4362543425 yearsCWL
G-CIVHBoeing 747-4362580924 yearsLHR
G-CIVIBoeing 747-4362581424 yearsLHR
G-CIVJBoeing 747-4362581723 yearsGBA
G-CIVKBoeing 747-4362581823 yearsLHR
G-CIVLBoeing 747-4362747823 yearsGBA
G-CIVOBoeing 747-4362884922 yearsCWL
G-CIVPBoeing 747-4362885022 yearsLHR
G-CIVRBoeing 747-4362582022 yearsTEV
G-CIVSBoeing 747-4362885122 yearsTEV
G-CIVTBoeing 747-4362582122 yearsTEV
G-CIVUBoeing 747-4362581022 yearsCWL
G-CIVVBoeing 747-4362581922 yearsCWL
G-CIVWBoeing 747-4362582222 yearsCWL
G-CIVXBoeing 747-4362885221 yearsTEV
G-CIVYBoeing 747-4362885321 yearsLHR
G-CIVZBoeing 747-4362885421 yearsCWL

Tracking the fleet

While the Queen of the Skies is likely done carrying passengers for British Airways, there will likely be addition flights into storage. The map below shows all active British Airways 747 flights.


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