On 16 September, we received about a dozen messages on social media regarding a low flying plane over Los Angeles being shadowed by a single ‘fighter jet’-like aircraft. Upon investigation, it became clear that it was a UPS Airlines air-to-air photography flight with Wolfe Air. This week, UPS Airlines released behind the scenes footage from the flights.

BrownTales: Air-to-Air Video Shoot

Three UPS aircraft, a 767, 757, and MD-11 all participated in the filming on around the Los Angeles area. Using Wolfe Air’s Learjet 25 and a helicopter with specially mounted film equipment, the crews were able to capture some stunning footage.

The Flights

Here are some of the flight paths used by N301UP, N472UP, and N296UP during the photo flights.

UPS 767 LA Photo Flight UPS MD-11 LA Photo Flight UPS 757 LA Photo Flight

Additional air-to-air goodness

Air-to-air photography is a popular promotional tool used by airlines to introduce a new aircraft or new livery. Air Canada performed photo flights near Vancouver to introduce its new livery; Delta Air Lines showed off its new Airbus A350; Boeing flew its newest 737 MAX and 787 in formation; American Airlines flew its 737 MAX 8, 777-300ER, and 787 in formation, and Airbus flew its family in formation over France.

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