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  • What’s at stake with new 737 MAX electrical issues

    After the events of the past few years it’s no surprise that when the 737 MAX has an issue, it receives a lot of coverage. And the latest 737 MAX headlines concerning potential electrical problems are no doubt a big headache for Boeing and its operators alike. It’s bad publicity at the worst possible time …   Read More
  • Checking in on air traffic in China

    After slamming on the brakes for the New Year holiday, China’s air traffic recovery has resumed, with traffic from the country’s 25 busiest airports practically recovered to pre-pandemic levels and 133% above where it was at the beginning of April last year.   Read More
  • New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in March 2021

    Each month we send out complete ADS-B receiver kits that include an ADS-B receiver, antennas, and all necessary cabling to qualified hosts to help increase flight tracking all around the world. You can apply to host one of our receivers or easily build your own.   Read More
  • Air traffic continues its recovery in March

    March 2021 looked very different than March 2020 for commercial air traffic. In the middle of March last year the bottom fell out on the aviation industry as COVID-19 spread and countries rushed to close their borders. At the beginning of March 2020, the seven-day average of global commercial flights was 103,397, but by the …   Read More
  • Amapola: all about Sweden’s little-known Fokker 50 airline

    If you’re following us on Instagram (and if you’re not, please do!) you’ll know that last week I took a trip up to Hemavan (HMV) and back to Stockholm (ARN) on the Fokker 50. Those of you who know your turboprops will know the Fokker 50 is a very special bird indeed, so this was …   Read More
  • Here’s what air traffic to Hawaii is looking like

    Hawaii is a very popular place to visit. It’s also a very remote set of islands. That makes it highly susceptible to importation of SARS-CoV-2, but also easier to restrict entry to than, say, California. Hawaii took the logical step of quarantining all arrivals from the mainland US for quite a few months in 2020, …   Read More
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