This weekend the world’s largest turboprop aircraft, the Antonov An-22, returns to commercial service after sitting on the ground for 7 years. The An-22 has been chartered by DB Schenker’s subsidiary Karpeles Flight Services to carry a single 28-tonne piece of cargo from Zurich to Abu Dhabi. We have included a photo tour of the An-22 and the schedule for this weekend’s flights below. As with all cargo operations, the posted schedule is subject to change.

In addition to the 28-tonne cargo, a much smaller cargo of 10 GoPro cameras will be recording the flight for The video from all flights this weekend should be available 2-3 weeks after the flights.

Tracking the An-22

The Antonov An-22 may be followed most easily via registration or aircraft type.

Registration: UR-09307
Aircraft Type: AN22

DateCallsignScheduled Time of DepartureDeparture AirportArrival AirportScheduled Time of Airrival
08 SeptADB397F1200GML/UKKMZRH/LSZH1530
09 SeptADB36971900ZRH/LSZHTBS/UGTB0030+1
10 SeptADB36970230TBS/UGTBAUH/OMAA0700
11 SeptADB36970500AUH/OMAAGML/UKKM1230

NOTE: all times listed in UTC


The Antonov An-22—Inside and Out

This particular airframe was parked 7 years ago. Work to return it to airworthy status was completed in February of 2016, when the aircraft made its first flight in Ukraine.

Pre Paint Flight

The four turboprop engines each power two contra-rotating propellers.


The An-22 is flow by two pilots and carries an additional crew of 3-4.

Flight Deck

Cargo is loaded via the rear door.

The An-22 can carry cargo up to 80 tonnes (176,370 lbs).

Cargo Area

To understand how large the An-22 is, here is a photo with humans for scale.

Humans for Scale

Visit the JetPhotos catalog to see even more photos of the An-22. Happy tracking! ✈️

Watch the An-22 in action


Featured Image © Vasiliy Koba