On this episode of AvTalk, the impossible has happened—Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport is open! We welcome Matthew Colbert, founder of Empire Aviation Services to learn more about how small airports are seeing their air service affected by COVID-19. Plus, Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren joins us for a piston-powered adventure.

Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport is finally open

After nearly 10 years of delays, Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport is finally open. The airport inaugurated flights this past weekend with two special arrivals from the airports largest airlines, Lufthansa and easyJet. But in appropriate fashion, things didn’t work out exactly as planned.

Ten years since QF32

This week marks 10 years since Qantas flight QF32 suffered an uncontained engine failure shortly after departure from Singapore. The aircraft suffered substantial damage, but the crew were able to safely return to Singapore and no one onboard or on the ground was injured.

The A220’s unique ‘song’

We return to our discussion of the A220s unique whale song with excellent evidence courtesy of a listener. You can clearly hear the sound in this video of a Swiss A220 in London.

HiFly says bye bye to their A380

HiFly announced it will not renew the lease on their A380 and instead take a few A330s to meet their capacity needs.

How are small airports affected by COVID?

We chat with Matthew Colbert, founder of Empire Aviation Services, to learn how small airports have been affected by COVID-19 and some of the ways they’re responding to gain and keep air service.

Note: Cape Air is a Part 121 operator, not Part 135.


A flat-lined recovery

We look at the numbers and they’re not great. The recovery of commercial flights has stalled, but there are some bright spots around the world.

A piston-powered adventure

Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren joins us to discuss his flight aboard the last flying DC-7. You can see photos from that flight and read more about the DC-7 in Business Insider.

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