On this episode of AvTalk, the last A380 rolls out of assembly, more aircraft are slated for storage, and we dig in to some of the more noteworthy comments on the FAA’s proposed 737 MAX airworthiness directive.

The Final A380

The final Airbus A380 (MSN 272) rolled out of assembly this week, bringing the A380 closer to the end of production.

More aircraft headed into long-term storage

Lufthansa announced this week that its A380 fleet and much of its A340-600 will now be placed in stasis, unlikely to ever fly with the airline again. Meanwhile, Delta is sending their 737-700 fleet into retirement and their 777 fleet is scheduled to make its final flight this fall.

Flights to nowhere gain popularity, but at what cost?

Flights to nowhere, like Qantas ‘Great Southern Land Tour’ that sold out in 10 minutes last week, are gaining popularity with airlines as a way to generate revenue.

737 MAX Comments

The public comment period on the FAA’s 737 MAX proposed airworthiness directive is coming to an end and we dig through some of the more noteworthy comments, including those of former Boeing engineers, the families of ET302 crash victims, and the UAE’s civil aviation authority.