On this episode of AvTalk we’ve got jet packs, a bunch of helium balloons with an ADS-B transponder, and The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower joins us to discuss the new quality issues affecting the 787 and the subsequent FAA investigation.

August traffic levels off

We begin with a review of August traffic stats and it’s not great. But Airbus and Boeing did deliver a few aircraft and both booked orders, with Airbus adding a single ACJ320neo to its backlog.

Strange aviation

In a strange turn of events, multiple pilots reported seeing a ‘guy in a jetpack’ on approach to LAX last week. Meanwhile in Arizona, illusionist David Blaine strapped himself to a bunch of helium balloons and ascended to 25,000 feet before parachuting back to earth.

El Al flies to the UAE

El Al made its first ever flight to the United Arab Emirates last week and crossed Saudi Arabian airspace. Additional private flights between the two countries have taken place in the days since.

Fresh 787 issues lead to FAA investigation

Two week’s ago The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower broke the news that eight 787s had been grounded due to the presence of two manufacturing quality issues on those aircraft that when combined mean the aircraft structure may not meet load specifications. This week Ostrower reported on a new FAA investigation looking into those and additional quality issues affecting the 787. He joins the program this week to fill us in.

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