In episode 9, we talk about some of the stranger aviation stories over the past few weeks, including a passenger new to approach patterns and a woman who threw coins into an engine for luck. We also talk with Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren Norwegian’s first 737 MAX delivery and long-haul, low-cost flying.

Approach and Landing

A passenger, not understanding how approach patterns work, accused the pilots of her flight of being ‘drunk’. It escalated from there. We talk about why that’s such a serious accusation and how approaches to major airports can sometimes lead to a circuitous path.

The original tweet has since been deleted and person who made the accusation has since protected their twitter account, but the main thread begins here.

AA1280 landing path into JFK/KJFK

Long-haul, Low-cost Flying

Norwegian took delivery of its first 737 MAX last week and our guest, Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren was on board the 9 hour flight from Seattle to Oslo. Jeremy describes the flight and we discuss the perks and perils of long-haul, low-cost flying.

British Airways leases Qatar A320s

British Airways is flying some short- and medium-haul routes with Qatar Airways aircraft and crews. We talk about why and how you can see which flights will be operated by Qatar Airways aircraft.

An Aircraft Engine is Not a Wishing Well

An elderly woman flying from Shanghai to Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines delayed the flight by five hours after throwing nine coins into the engine for luck during boarding. That’s a 34 minute per coin delay.

Flight CZ380 was delayed by five hours as maintenance personnel removed the coins from the engine

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