On this episode of AvTalk, we look at the signs of recovery around the world as aircraft are reactivated and passenger numbers rise. And we chat with Gabriel Leigh about how airlines and aircraft storage professionals safely store and reactivate aircraft.

Moving forward

Most signs seem to be pointing in the right direction as airlines prepare their schedules for the coming months. Some airlines in Europe have restarted flights, while airlines around the world continue to add to the planned operations by removing aircraft from storage. However, this week’s lock down in Beijing and the subsequent cancellation of hundreds of flights could foreshadow a larger reaction to any second wave.

Most airlines around the world have now adopted some sort mask policy to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (and other diseases), but major US airlines have taken things a step further and said they will ban passengers who refuse to wear a mask onboard.

Further reading: OpsGroup article on North Atlantic diversion airport restrictions

How to store an aircraft

We welcome Gabriel Leigh to the show to discuss his recent article on aircraft storage and some of the surprising things he learned reporting the story.

Mudding in an A321

A VietJet A321 exited the runway and became stuck in the mud after landing in wet conditions in Ho Chi Minh City. Thankfully no one was injured. Because of that incident an EVA Air flight held for five hours waiting to land.

737 MAX nearing certification (possibly)

Based on reporting from Jon Ostrower at The Air Current, the FAA certification flight for the 737 MAX could come by the end of the month. We walk through what that might mean and express a healthy dose of skepticism.

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