On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss the extremely rare incident where a Southwest Airlines 737 struck and killed someone on the runway while landing in Austin. We also see which airlines are continuing to shrink their fleets. And we take a look at the traffic numbers to see where flights are starting to creep up.

Southwest Airlines 737 strikes person on the runway

A person was struck and killed by a landing Southwest Airlines 737 at Austin Airport on 7 May. The person was on Runway 17R as flight WN1392 touched down in Austin from Dallas. Authorities have since identified the person who was struck and determined they were not supposed to be on the airfield.

Fleet retirements

Delta is retiring its 777s by the end of the year, Singapore Airlines has retired their 777-200ERs, and other airlines are making similar moves.

Bankruptcy, reorganization, and for sale signs

We run down the list of airlines working on raising capital, reorganizing their operations, and trying to find buyers. Anyone want to buy Jet Airways?

Watch out for sheep on the runway

An incident where an An-124 had to divert due to a closed runway leads Ian deep into the FAA’s new NOTAM retrieval service.

Garmin Autoland certified on first aircraft

The Garmin Autoland system has been certified for use on the Piper M600 SLS.

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