In episode 8, we recap some of the major announcements from the Paris Air Show, like the launch of the 737 MAX 10, this year’s big seller, Boeing’s tease of a ‘New Market Airplane’, and Airbus’ new A380plus winglets.

A brief apology, as we had earlier planned to discuss ATC privatization, but as everyone we wanted to bring on the show was already in Paris, this was not possible. We will discuss the issue in a future episode.

Paris Air Show Highlights

The 737 MAX 10 was launched and quickly purchased. Boeing’s NMA or what may become the 797 was teased by the company. Airbus added winglets to the A380 to complete the A380plus. Airbus also developed ejectable data and voice recorders for inclusion on the A350 and other aircraft beginning in a few years. And we briefly cover Flightradar24’s partnership with NAVBLUE on N-tracking, a new global coverage solution.

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The new winglet option for the A380plus

In our discussion of Paris Air Show flying displays, we mentioned a special transponder mode. Here’s what that switch looks like on a Boeing 737-800.

A transponder on a 737-800 showing the Altitude Reporting Off mode.

Boeing Takes the 737 MAX 9 and 787-10 Out for Spin

Prior to the Paris Air Show, Boeing took its 737 MAX 9 and 787-10 up over Washington to shoot some amazing air-to-air video. Watch the video and see the data behind the flight.

Weather Balloon Buzzed by a Delta A319 at 37,000 feet

A weather balloon above Newark, New York (near Rochester) got a close look at Delta flight 159 on its way from Boston to Detroit. Watch the video below.

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