On this episode of AvTalk, our reaction to United Airlines’ surprise order for 50 Airbus A321XLRs, an escape slide escapes mid-air, and the list of airlines to not survive 2019 grows longer.

Escaping escape slides

A Delta 767 lost one of its over-wing escape slides on approach to Boston last week. The slide landed in Milton, south of Boston. Thankfully it didn’t hit anyone or anything on the ground.

Delta 757 N543US back in service

After a hard landing in Ponta Delgada back in August, Delta Air Lines 757 N543US has been repaired and returned to revenue service. Photos of the aircraft after landing showed large buckles in the fuselage. The aircraft was initially flown to Atlanta, then to Jacksonville where the complete repair was performed.

Trouble for Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines is facing financial difficulties that could lead to the revocation of the airline’s operating certificate if additional funding isn’t raised soon. We discuss the ongoing situation.

AtlasGlobal ‘temporarily’ suspends operations

Turkish airline AtlasGlobal ‘temporarily’ suspended operations last week, citing financial restructuring. We discuss the likely temporal reality of this suspension.

Revving the engines

Changes to how Indian carrier IndiGo is operating its A320neo aircraft could help solve its engine problems.

United Airlines orders 50 Airbus A321XLRs

Breaking news during our recording — United Airlines ordered 50 Airbus A321XLR aircraft, the longest range A321neo. We discuss the implications of the order and where United will use the new planes.

New Berlin Airport to open October 2020

The long-delayed Brandenburg Airport designed to serve Berlin is now scheduled to open in October 2020.

Norwegian lands slots at Heathrow

Norwegian has had a busy week, including gaining 6 slots at Heathrow Airport in London. We check in on the airline to see what other changes they’re making.

SAS retires its 737-600 fleet

SAS retired its 737-600 fleet this week with send off flight that visited all three Scandinavian hubs and drew a 600 in the sky.

New weather layers available now

New high resolution weather layers are now available on Flightradar24. All thanks to Jason bothering Ian for a very long time.

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