On this episode of AvTalk, we chat with Ian Matthews—a Flight Maintenance Engineer for a US-based cargo airline. Plus, a pilot makes a big mistake in Amsterdam, more pickle fork cracks, and we may see another Icelandic airline flying soon.

Fat fingers in Amsterdam

Sitting at the gate prior to departure from Amsterdam, the pilot of Air Europa flight 1094 was demonstrating the various special ‘squawk codes’, including 7500—which indicates unlawful interference aboard the aircraft—when he accidentally broadcast the code from the aircraft’s transponder setting off an hours long security situation as authorities followed protocols for such an event. The flight eventually departed with a 4.5 hour delay.

IAG buying Air Europa

IAG announced it is buying Air Europa and strengthening its position in Madrid.

What is a flight maintenance engineer?

we talk with Ian Matthews, a flight maintenance engineer for a US-based cargo airline, to find out exactly what that is and why it’s a critical role in cargo operations.

More cracked pickle forks

Inspections have revealed additional cracked pickle forks on 737NGs, adding to Boeing’s headaches.

Swiss A220 engine parts found

Parts from the first Swiss A220 engine failure over France were recovered this week. The search continues for additional debris as the BEA seeks to determine the cause of the failure.

SmartLynx A320 report

The Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau issued its final report into the loss of control incident involving SmartLynx A320 ES-SAN this week. During a training flight the aircraft suffered a loss of control incident, which resulted in a runway strike on takeoff damaging both engines severely and causing both to shut down. The aircraft was able to turn back to the airport, touching down 150m before the runway threshold and coming to rest at the side of the runway. Read the full report here.

Garmin autoland

We discuss Garmin’s recently unveiled autoland feature and what it might mean for the future of commercial aviation.

El Al retires its 747 fleet with a special tribute

To commemorate the retirement of its 747 fleet after 48 years of service, El Al drew a 747 over the Mediterranean Sea during a special charter flight to Tel Aviv.

PLAY is the new WOW

Former members of the WOW Air team have a new plan: PLAY. They hope to launch flights late this year from Iceland to Europe with North American flights following next year.

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