Return to service — if? when? On this special episode of AvTalk, we welcome back The Air Current editor-in-chief Jon Ostrower for a discussion on the state of the 737 MAX’s return to service and what we’ve learned this month with the release of numerous reports, including the Joint Authorities Technical Review and the final report from Indonesian investigators on Lion Air flight 610. We also discuss Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s testimony to Congress this week.

Documents in the discussion

In this episode we discuss a number of important documents and reports recently issued by various authorities. You can read the full documents or find links to the testimony discussed below.

Joint Authorities Technical Review

Download the JATR report

Lion Air flight 610

Read the Lion Air 610 final report and see associated data

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s testimony in Congress

Testimony in the Senate
Testimony in the House of Representatives

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