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AvTalk Episode 68: Cracked Pickle Forks

Cracked pickle forks have been found on dozens of inspected 737NGs, the 737 MAX’s road to return remains a winding one, and we welcome back Andrew Poure who fills us in on the hot new cargo route from Colombo to Columbus and what he learned in flight dispatcher school.

Cracked pickle forks

After inspections of over 800 aircraft, dozens of 737NGs have been found with cracked pickle forks, a critical part that is designed to last the life of the aircraft. We talk about what exactly pickle forks are and why you don’t want cracks in yours.

737 MAX update

Our bi-weekly 737 MAX update comes with new setbacks for the aircraft’s return to service as it looks increasingly likely that the plane won’t fly passengers before the end of the year. We also discuss the 7 safety recommendations made by the NTSB regarding the design of MAX and other future aircraft.

Delta buys a 20% stake in LATAM

We discuss Delta’s surprise acquisition of a 20% stake in South American carrier LATAM and what that means for other carriers in South America and the US.

Colombo to Columbus with Andrew Poure

Andrew Poure returns to tell us about the hot new cargo route from Colombo to Columbus. We also chat about his recent experience completing dispatcher school.

Demolition derby

Jorge Manalang became an action hero last week in Chicago and we break down the play-by-play.

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