On this episode of AvTalk, we review an awful week for European airlines and Operation Matterhorn, the largest peace time repatriation effort in history. And we talk with Qantas 787 fleet manager Captain Lisa Norman to get the details on the upcoming Project Sunrise test flights.

Thomas Cook, et al

Thomas Cook entered administration on Monday stranding hundreds of thousands outside the UK. The UK civil aviation authority has organized Operation Matterhorn, dubbed the largest ever peace-time repatriation effort, to bring those stuck outside the UK home.

We also look at the demise (sort of) of XL Airways, Aigle Azure, and Adria Airways.

Interview with Captain Lisa Norman

Qantas’ 787 fleet manager Captain Lisa Norman sits down with us to chat about the upcoming Project Sunrise test flights, what’s its like to fly while wearing an EEG, and how you actually plan a flight that long.

737 MAX Updates

Our bi-weekly updates on the 737 MAX continue. We discuss the recent developments in the effort to the aircraft back in the air. We also review some of the press coverage from the past week, including William Langewieshe’s article in the New York Times Magazine.

SAS gets a new livery

Our first impressions of the new SAS livery unveiled this week.

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