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AvTalk Episode 66: Our Super Avgeek Week

On this episode of AvTalk, we head to Roswell, New Mexico for the Super80 Send Off. Then we cap off our avgeek week in Los Angeles with Cranky Flier’s Dorkfest and SpotLAX2019. Plus an American Airlines mechanic is arrested for sabotage and there’s a fresh obstacle for the 737 MAX’s return to service.

American Airlines mechanic arrested for sabotage

An American Airlines mechanic in Miami was arrested for sabotage after disabling a component on a jet’s navigation system in a bid to earn overtime work.

easyJet pilot steps in to fly to his own vacation

An easyJet pilot ended up flying his own vacation flight after the scheduled captain was unable to make the flight.

WOW Air… maybe?

A new WOW Air is planned to launch in October. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows?

Norwegian under the microscope

Norwegian is once again facing a squeeze.

Mesa Airlines orders the M100 Space Jet

Mesa Airlines signed an MOU for 50 firm, 50 options of the revised Mitsubishi M100 Space Jet.

737 MAX update

A division among regulators is threatening to create fresh headaches for the MAX’s return to service. Boeing’s CEO says the company is still targeting the fourth quarter of 2019, but we spend a few moments expressing our skepticism.

Super80 Send Off

We recap our Super80 Send Off journey and speak with American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

Dorkfest + SpotLAX2019

We visit Los Angeles for Dorkfest and SpotLAX2019 and get to chat with avgeek royalty.

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