On this episode of AvTalk, we welcome OpsGroup founder Mark Zee to discuss NOTAMs and why his group is trying to change how they’re written. We also get updates on the Ural Airlines A321 that landed in a cornfield, the 737 MAX timeline, and Qantas is set to conduct a trio of Project Sunrise test flights.

Ural Airlines A321 to be scrapped

The Ural Airlines A321 that suffered dual engine failure following bird strikes and landed in a cornfield will be scrapped.

Delta’s crunchy 757

A Delta 757 that suffered a hard landing and fuselage damage in Ponta Delgada looks like it will be repaired.

Qantas gets ready to test its Project Sunrise flights

Qantas is set to operate three research flights as it nears a final decision on Project Sunrise, its non-stop flights from New York and London to Sydney.

MAX updates

United is moving their MAX, Southwest is keeping ‘MAX’, and Boeing sets its sights on October for the final certification flight.


We talk with OpsGroup founder Mark Zee about NOTAMs, their usefulness, their uselessness, and why that needs to change.

Our Super80 Send Off preview

Jason and Ian get ready to help retire the final members of the American Airlines MD-80 fleet.

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