On this episode of AvTalk, our quickest 737 MAX update yet, protesters snarl traffic at Hong Kong Airport, and the internet makes a thing out of nothing, part the infinity.

Editors note: this episode was recorded on 14 August prior to the Ural Airlines hard landing in Moscow.

Our quickest MAX update

Boeing is still targeting a return to service by the end of 2019. N7201S, Boeing’s 737 MAX 7 test aircraft has been flying again. And Norwegian is blaming its cancellation of transatlantic service from Ireland on the MAX grounding.

Norwegian 787 has a bad day in Rome

A Norwegian 787 departing Rome suffered an apparent uncontained engine failure, casting engine components over the neighborhood next to the airport.

Hong Kong Airport disrupted by protests

Protestors disrupted flights at Hong Kong Airport multiple days this week. Airlines canceled hundreds of flights both 12 and 13 August.

The internet turns nothing into something: easyJet edition

A woman was photographed sitting in a seat without a seat back on an easyJet aircraft. The seat was inoperative and she was just waiting to move to her new seat, but the picture on twitter spawned news articles for days. We take a moment to complain.

JASDF 747 for sale, low mileage

A former Japan Air Self Defence Force 747 is now for sale. The low-cycle, low flight time 747 could be yours for a reasonable $28 million.


Join Jason and Ian at Dorkfest and SpotLAX on 7 September. We’ll be watching planes in the park next to the In-n-Out Burger.

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