On this episode of AvTalk, we talk with Joseph Tar Schmidt, a regional airline pilot for a major US carrier. Plus, more MAX headaches for Boeing and the airlines and a HiFly A340 makes a mess in Orlando.

Boeing’s 737 MAX problems grow

Southwest Airlines and Air Canada have removed the 737 MAX from their schedules through the beginning of January 2020, while Ryanair is cutting personnel due to the grounded aircraft. Meanwhile, reports out this week in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal provide new details on the 737 MAX certification process.

Hello A220, goodbye A380

Air France announced an order for 60 A220-300s this week to replace its aging A318 and A319 fleet. At the same time, the airline said it would retire all of its A380 fleet by 2020

HiFly’s fuel dump gone wrong

A few weeks ago, a HiFly A340 returned to Orlando Airport shortly after takeoff due to a technical issue. Prior to return, the aircraft dumped fuel to reduce landing weight. Unfortunately, for reasons still unknown, the aircraft continued dumping fuel all the way to the ground and while the aircraft was taxiing off the runway.

So you want to be a regional pilot?

We chat with Joseph Tar Schmidt, a captain at a major US regional airline about what it’s like to be a regional pilot and how it differs from mainline flying.

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Ian Petchenik’s love of aviation began at an early age growing up next to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. As Flightradar24’s director of communications and co-host of the AvTalk podcast Ian now gets to share that passion for aviation with millions of Flightradar24 users and listeners around the world.

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