On this episode of AvTalk, we talk to pilot Maria Langer about what it’s like to dry cherry trees with a helicopter. Also, the 737 MAX will stay grounded even longer and Pakistan reopens its airspace to all commercial flights.

The 737 MAX’s return delayed again

Airlines are now removing the MAX from their schedules through the beginning of November and it seems the MAX could stay out of commercial service into 2020. We discuss the latest developments.

Pakistan reopens its airspace to all commercial traffic

After nearly 5 months of restrictions on transiting traffic, Pakistan reopened its airspace to all commercial flights this week. We discuss what effect that will have on flights in the region.

Co-founder and CEO Bjorn Kjos departs Norwegian

Longtime Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjos has stepped down. We discuss what this might mean for the carrier long-term.

Interview with Maria Langer

We talk with Maria Langer, a pilot based in central Washington about what it’s like to dry cherry trees with a helicopter. You can follow her flights here.

Follow Maria on Twitter, watch her dry cherries and more on her YouTube channel, and learn more about what she does in and out of the helicopter on her website.

 Keep your seat belt on

An Air Canada flight to Sydney hit unexpected turbulence and injures 35 just days before an Emirates A380 hit turbulence and injured passengers and damaged the aircraft cabin. Please keep your seat belt on.

The engine failure will be televised

A Delta MD-88 suffered an engine issue that was captured on video by one of the passengers. In the video, the nose cone of the left engine can be seen bouncing in the inlet and the engine core glowing bright orange. The flight landed safely and there were no injuries.

KLM India provides some ‘helpful’ statistiscs

The KLM India twitter account posted a tweet on air safety statistics, but it didn’t receive the reaction they were looking for.

Apollo 11 in real time

If you love space and history, visit Apollo 11 in Real Time to follow along 50 years to the second with the Apollo 11 crew as they land and walk on the moon. The creators of the site have done a masterful job with audio, video, archival images, and a transcript of the entire journey.

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