On this episode of AvTalk, we’re joined by Jean Charles Perino, co-founder of La Compagnie, the all-business class transatlantic airline, for a wide-ranging discussion about the airline and where La Compagnie finds itself within the industry. We also get an update on when the 737 MAX could return to service, teams in Greenland make a breakthrough in the AF66 investigation, and we bid a final farewell to Joon.

Interview: Jean-Charles Perino, co-founder of La Compagnie

16:23 Our interview with Jean-Charles Perino takes us inside the all-business class airline for a look at how the unique carrier operates and how the airline is managing a major transition from its current 757 fleet to new A321neos.

Air France 66 fan hub found in Greenland

Investigators in Greenland have recovered the fan hub assembly from the engine of the Air France flight that experienced an uncontained engine failure in September 2017. The piece was found under 4 meters of snow and ice.

Stowaway falls from wheel well in London

A body discovered in London is believed to have fallen from the wheel well of an arriving Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi.

737 MAX Update

A new software snag pushes back the MAX’s service re-entry. When will the 737 MAX re-enter service? Good question.

Iranian airspace restrictions add to an already complicated situation

We discuss the new restrictions and advisories regarding Iranian airspace and how their compounding the already complicated airspace restrictions in the region.

Runway excursions in India

5 runway excursions occurred in 3 days with 2 Air India Express and 3 SpiceJet flights exiting the runway on landing in airports around India. Thankfully no serious injuries have been reported, but the SpiceJet runway excursion in Mumbai has led to extensive delays there as work is performed to remove the aircraft.


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