In Episode 6 we head to Japan for an interview with John Walton to get an update on the status of the Mitsubishi MRJ regional jet program. We also delve into the peculiarities of Japanese aviation.

Checking in on the MRJ

Jason travels to Japan to meet up with John Walton, Runway Girl Network’s deputy editor, to visit the Mitsubishi MRJ program in Nagoya. We discuss the state of the program and the aircraft’s commercial potential.

A Mitsubishi MRJ 90

How Japanese Aviation Stands Out

Also in our conversation with John, we learn more about how Japanese aviation stands out in terms of aircraft utilization and service.

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Captain, the King, Speaking

Unbeknownst to passengers and the public, Dutch King Willem-Alexander has been piloting KLM short-haul flights for the past 21 years.

Ex-Singapore Airlines A380s now for Sale

Singapore Airlines is retiring 5 early-build A380s as they take new A380s from Airbus. We ponder their fate as they go up for sale.

New ICAO Type Codes Make Tracking 737 MAX and A320neo Easier

With a recent update to its list of aircraft type codes, ICAO makes it easy to track the A320neo and 737 MAX families. We talk about the new codes and how to use them.

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