On this episode of AvTalk, Mitsubishi sets its eyes on the CRJ program, we learn more about the Air Astana loss of control incident in Portugal, and Jason and Seth Miller check in from the IATA annual general meeting in Seoul.

Mitsubishi eyes CRJ program

Fresh from the renaming of the MRJ to the Space Jet, The Air Current first reported that Mitsubishi is in talks with Bombardier to purchase the CRJ program. This development comes as Bombardier continues its exit from commercial aviation after selling the C-Series and Dash 8 programs.

Preliminary report on Air Astana incident in Portugal

Investigators released a preliminary report on the Air Astana loss of control incident in Portugal that took place in November 2018. The findings so far discovered an incorrect installation of the aileron control cables, which led to reversal of the aileron function.

Visualization based on FDR data from the Air Astana E190 from the Portuguese report

Airbus celebrates its 50th anniversary

Airbus celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special formation flight in Toulouse. We put together our own flypast line up as well.

Boeing 737 MAX update

No update from the FAA or Boeing on when a certification test flight will take place, but airlines have expressed their trepidation with putting the airplane back into service after the MCAS fix is certified. Ethiopian Airlines has said that they will be the last to reintroduce the aircraft to its fleet.


Jason and Seth Miller head to Seoul for the IATA annual general meeting, but also for an aviation adventure.

Going the distance

Airbus discussed their plans to have an A321XLR in service by 2024 and both Boeing and Airbus are finalizing proposals for Qantas’ ‘Project Sunrise’, which would see flights from the east coast of Australia to London.

D-Day 75th anniversary

To mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, a fleet of Dakotas departed Duxford in the UK for Normandy to once again drop paratroopers into France. Some of those participating in the drop were also there in 1944.


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