On this episode of AvTalk, Jet Airways halts flights, the FAA lays out its path to re-certification of the 737 MAX, and we sit down for a conversation with pilot and author Mark Vanhoenacker.

United’s new livery

We recorded prior to the livery’s reveal and we’ll have more in our next episode, but we explore a bit about why United decided to make a change now and we send Jason to check it out in person.

Jet Airways ‘temporarily’ halts flights

The beleaguered Indian carrier announced it would ‘temporarily’ halt flights due to lack of funding. The airline’s management has said they’re seeking addition sources of funding, but has not specified a plan or date when the airline will resume flying. We discuss the impact on the Indian aviation market and on Boeing, which had taken over 200 737 MAX orders from Jet.

Lessors take back planes from Avianca Brazil

Avianca Brazil, which is not associated with Avianca, has had two blocks of aircraft slated for repossession by their lessors and their troubles continue to mount. Could it be next on the list of former airlines?

Certifying the 737 MAX update

The FAA provided an update on the Joint Authority Technical Review timeline this week to certify Boeing’s updates to the 737 MAX. We discuss what may come next.

JetBlue finally announces transatlantic flights

After years of hinting at an announcement, JetBlue finally announced their intention to fly from the US east coast to Europe. The carrier will do so by converting some of the A321neo orders to A321LRs.

In conversation with pilot and author Mark Vanhoenacker

We sit down for a conversation with British Airways first officer and renowned author Mark Vanhoenacker about his recent switch from flying the 747 to flying the 787 and his most recent book How to Land a Plane, out in the US this month.

Stratolaunch makes its first flight

The world’s largest airplane made its first flight last week. The Stratolaunch will operate as a launch platform for space payloads.

An avgeek rooftop bar

No, not Joon. The new TWA airport revealed its designs for a rooftop bar and pool at JFK Airport in New York and it looks fantastic.

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