On this episode of AvTalk we’re joined by The Air Current editor-in-chief Jon Ostrower to discuss the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and the subsequent grounding of the 737 MAX. We also get an update from the NTSB on the crash of Atlas Air flight 3591 and an update on the closure of Pakistan’s airspace to most flights.

Ethiopian Airlines 302 and the 737 MAX

Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 operated by a Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed shortly after take off from Addis Ababa on 10 March. The following day some airlines and national regulators began grounding their 737 MAX fleets, culminating in the worldwide ground of the entire fleet on 13 March.

The Air Current editor-in-chief Jon Ostrower joins us to discuss the facts surrounding the crash and the reaction by airlines and regulators. We also take a step back and revisit how the MAX came to be.

Atlas Air 3591 update

The NTSB issued an investigative update on 12 March, detailing finds from the Flight data recorder. This update is not a final report, nor is it a finding of probable cause. We discuss the details of the update and the status of the investigation.

Pakistan airspace remains closed to most traffic

Pakistan’s airspace remains closed to most traffic, affecting hundreds of flights per day that would normally transit the country. We look at the circumstances surrounding the closure of Pakistan’s airspace and some of the interesting effects on flights.

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